Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hot weather

It was over 80ºF today!  Unbelievable for the middle of April.  My daffodils were starting to wilt and I just came inside from watering them.  We've had an entire week of overly warm and dry weather.  Now, it could come in the last week and half of April, but we haven't had our usual April snow storm.  Granted, I hate those storms.  HATE them!  But I'm kind of freaked out that is has been so hot and dry this month.  Not warm, hot.  I've never had to water the garden in April before.  You know, April showers and all.

I also wanted to talk about a neat little flower I found in my garden yesterday.  That's it up there.  I've decided it is an Iris reticulata.  I didn't plant it and was astonished to find it.  I've never seen one growing before and I have no idea where it came from.  At only about 4" it is a wee tiny thing and very delicate.  I hope it spread some for me.  Kind of a whole If-You-Build-It thing.


Tusker said...

How did you ever figure out what that flower was? It sure is a vivid colour. Is it still blooming?

Patti Major said...

No, Tusker, it only lasted about a week. I just looked it up in a big book of perennial flowers that I have. Thanks for reading!

Tusker said...

Well, it may only have lasted a week but it took you a week to answer me. LOL.